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Bere Island Waste Collection

Collections of household refuse will take place on the following dates:

Tuesday 10th January

Tuesday 7th February

Tuesday 7th March

Tuesday 4th April

Tuesday 2nd May

Please ensure each refuse bag has a waste sticker on it.  Stickers cost €9 and can be purchased from Murphy’s Shop and the Project Group Office.

Please note that bags of recyclables can no longer be left out with the rubbish collection.  Unfortunately the Waste Management Group have had to stop the collection of the red/clear plastic recyclable bags as household rubbish was being left with these.  All recyclable material should be brought to the recycling centre.  If you have difficulty in accessing the recycling centre, please contact the Projects Group Office on 027 75099.

Materials for recycling can be placed in the appropriate containers at the recycling centre on the west end pier.  Donations towards the running of the  centre are greatly appreciated and can be left in the honesty box at the centre.

We thank you for your assistance in keeping our island tidy.