LEADER Funding: Smart Village Training

Smart Villages concepts are a huge part of the next LEADER Programme 2023-2027 online training sessions are being held to assist communities in preparing a Smart Village Plan.

The dates for the Cork islands will be as follows:
22nd September
6th October
20th October
3rd November
17th November
1st December

The curriculum consists of six x 2-hour modules which guides participants through the process of creating a Smart Village Plan, which is compiled using a workbook that is completed during the course.

The Smart Village Curriculum is a modular and sensible approach to local development where the community creates an interactive register for its local Assets, Stakeholders, Goals, Projects and Metrics.

Once the plan is prepared it is reviewed annually in an inclusive manner by all local stakeholders. Each record and goal is reviewed annually moving projects through their lifecycle using metrics and community feedback to update the plan.

To register for the online training please click here