Bere Island Projects Group awarded funding under Cork County Council’s Commemorations Grant Scheme

Bere Island Projects Group  have been awarded €4460 under the Cork County Heritage and Commemorations Grant Schemes to hold a Military Heritage Festival on the island later this year, which will also conclude BIPG’s programme of events for the Decade of Centenaries and celebrate the island’s military heritage and its role during the War of Independence.  BIPG plan this festival to become a yearly event, celebrating all aspects of Bere Island’s military heritage, from the construction of Martello Towers in the late 1700s to the presence of the British Admiralty and US Navy during WW1 and the War of Independence.  

This year’s Cork County Council’s Heritage and Commemorations Grant Schemes will see €93,309 of funding announced awarded to local community groups.   

Congratulating the recipients, Mayor of the County of Cork, Cllr. Danny Collins said, “The applications submitted under the Commemorations Scheme were of a very high standard and cover a wide range of commemorative undertakings ranging from monuments and plays to video productions, publications, and festivals.” 

Cloughland Martello Tower