Biodiversity Project

Bere Island Projects Group have been involved in a Biodiversity Project on the island in which over 1000 tree saplings which were donated from Trees of the Land were planted up with local farmers and small holders. BIPG also obtained LEADER funding to supplement this project and purchase a number of apple trees, fruit hedging and fencing materials. The planting of these trees will serve to support biodiversity on the island, in terms of attracting pollinators and helping to offset our carbon footprint.

Biodiversity project Bere Island 2021

Future ForestDrinaghFruit HillTrees of the Land
Apple Trees
Total: 20
5 rolls of sheep wire,
2 rolls of barbed wire, staples, 310 posts
500g of Wild flower seed1000 treess
Fruit Bushes      
Total: 475                                      
Rabbit guards /bamboo
Total: 475
Tree Ties
Total: 20
Tree Stakes
Total: 20

Islanders who participated in the project were: Benny Crowley, Brenda Elphick, John Walsh, Barry Hanley, David Andrews, Oliver D Sullivan, St Michael’s National School, Brendan Sullivan, Teresa Hall, Dominic Hallahan, Gemma Hunt, Donal Harrington and Donie Crowley.